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    What is the coated paper in an intaglio printing press?

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    Gravure presses in the coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, in Hong Kong and other regions called powder paper. It is a high-grade printing paper made of white paper coated with base paper. Mainly used for printing high school cover and illustrations, color pictures, all kinds of fine merchandise advertising, samples, merchandise packaging, trademarks and so on.

    What is the coated paper in an intaglio printing press?

    Coated paper for the flat paper, quantitative 70 ~ 250g / square meter. Coated paper with single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper, matte coated paper, cloth pattern coated paper points. According to the quality is divided into A, B, C three. The main raw material for coated paper is copperplate paper and paint. Copper plate on the requirements of the thickness is uniform, small scalability, high strength, good water resistance. Paper is not allowed to have spots, wrinkles, holes and other paper disease, used to coat the coating is made of high quality white pigments, adhesives (such as polyvinyl alcohol, casein, etc.) and auxiliary additives and other components. This high fluidity and high solids content of the coating, through the coating machine thin and evenly brushing on the base paper, and then dry, rolled in the reel roll, and then sent to the gravure printing machine for calendering Finishing, final cutting, picking paper, packing.

    This is the introduction of coated paper in gravure printing presses.

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